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Extreme Heat Is Here to Stay

Lauren Goode: Connections.

Michael Calore: Connections.

Lauren Goode: It sounds really fun. I have a question. Where is our WIRED games division?

Michael Calore: I think you got to put that question in the comments box for the next editorial all-hands.

Lauren Goode: I'm going to ask our new editor in chief that.

Michael Calore: You can ask our new editor in chief that question.

Lauren Goode: Or probably just email Anna.

Michael Calore: Although our new editor in chief is probably listening, so you can just ask her right now.

Lauren Goode: Katie, let's talk about WIRED games. We also, Mike and I have plans for WIRED. I just came up with a great idea for a WIRED TikTok filter, but I'm not going to share that here.

Michael Calore: Thanks.

Matt Simon: Putting everything into black and white checkers, like our logo?

Lauren Goode: Oh, no.

Matt Simon: Or vans slip-ons, depending on how you look at it.

Lauren Goode: It's much nerdier than that.

Michael Calore: All right. I look forward to more ....

Lauren Goode: Would you like a dry-fit WIRED running T-shirt?

Matt Simon: What were those words? What do you mean dry? What does that mean?

Lauren Goode: Dry-fit, the type of material that's better for running than running in cotton, for example.

Michael Calore: It's synthetic. It's petroleum-based. It's made of plastic.

Lauren Goode: Oh, sorry Matt.

Matt Simon: I've been running in cotton. Is that bad?

Michael Calore: Yes.

Matt Simon: Am I dying?

Lauren Goode: Well, if you were in a really, really hot climate, you wouldn't want to wear that cotton.

Matt Simon: I run at 7:30 in the morning in San Francisco.

Michael Calore: Oh yeah, you're fine.

Lauren Goode: OK for now.

Matt Simon: Yeah. For now, right?

Lauren Goode: For now.

Matt Simon: Who knows?

Michael Calore: Well, thank you for coming on the show, Matt.

Lauren Goode: Thanks, Matt.

Michael Calore: Thanks as always.

Lauren Goode: Thanks for the cookies too.

Matt Simon: You're welcome.

Michael Calore: Yes, they're very good cookies. They're climate cookies.

Lauren Goode: Accept all cookies.

Michael Calore: Thank you all for listening. If you have feedback, you can find all of us on social media. Just check the show notes. Our producer is Boone Ashworth. We will be back next week. And until then, goodbye.

Lauren Goode: Leave us a review.

Michael Calore: Leave us a review.

Lauren Goode: Five stars.

Michael Calore: And stay cool.

[Gadget Lab outro theme music plays]

Matt Simon: We did it cookie time.

Michael Calore: Thank you.

Lauren Goode: Cookie time.

Michael Calore: Thank you for that.

Matt Simon: Could you tell which was which?

Lauren Goode: I think I picked the one that was chocolate, and I didn't even ...

Matt Simon: This one's corn.

Lauren Goode: I didn't even end up getting chocolate.

Michael Calore: Corn?

Matt Simon: Corn cinnamon toast.

Michael Calore: I think that's the one ...

Lauren Goode: Corn cinnamon toast.

Michael Calore: Yeah, that's the one I grabbed.

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