August 8, 2023
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August 8, 2023
Four ways to stop that one ad you see repeatedly in streaming video
By Shira Ovide | |
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The MOVEit spree is as bad — or worse — than you think it is
By Matt Kapko | |
The mass exploit of a zero-day vulnerability in MOVEit has
Lyft wants to kill surge pricing
By Rebecca Bellan | |
Lyft has been cutting fares in order to secure more
New ‘Downfall’ Flaw Exposes Valuable Data in Generations of Intel Chips
By Lily Hay Newman | |
Intel is releasing fixes for a processor vulnerability that affects
Firefly debuts Elytra orbital transfer vehicle line, with first mission planned for 2024
By Aria Alamalhodaei | |
Firefly Aerospace debuted a line of orbital vehicles called Elytra
The Mystery Genes That Are Keeping You Alive | WIRED
By Roger Highfield | |
When it came to the substantial number that were unknown,
The Download: political AI models, and a wrongful arrest
By Charlotte Jee | |
How they did it: The team asked language models where
Cyber insurer Resilience raises $100M in expansion bid
By Alexei Alexis | |
Dive Brief: Cyber insurance provider Resilience raised $100 million in
17 Best Mattresses Tested and Reviewed By Experts (2023)
There are a few mattresses we tested that don't stand
Threat actors abuse valid accounts using manual tactics, CrowdStrike says
By Matt Kapko | |
Dive Brief: Threat actors are spurning the rise of automation
AI ‘red teams’ race to find bias and harms in chatbots like ChatGPT
By Will Oremus | |
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Spotify expands its AI-powered DJ feature globally
By Paul Sawers | |
Spotify is expanding its AI-powered “DJ” to dozens of markets
Why it’s impossible to build an unbiased AI language model
By Melissa Heikkilä | |
An unbiased, purely fact-based AI chatbot is a cute idea,
AI Can Give You an NPC That Remembers. It Could Also Get Your Favorite Artist Fired
By Fernanda Seavon | |
AI’s presence in the gaming industry has evolved from a
Paramount+ tops 61 million subscribers after Showtime merger
By Ivan Mehta | |
Paramount said that it added 700,000 subscribers to Paramount+ in
Everyone Was Wrong About Antipsychotics
By Max G. Levy | |
Next, Parker wondered how general this effect is. Most antipsychotics
Apple Music adds a new algorithmic station to let users discover new music
By Ivan Mehta | |
Apple Music has added a new algorithmic radio station to
Pumpables Genie Advanced Review (2023): The Best Portable Pump
By Nena Farrell | |
When I heard the words “portable pump,” I imagined something
AI is fueling eating disorders with ‘thinspo’ pictures and dangerous advice
By Geoffrey A. Fowler | |
Disturbing fake images and dangerous chatbot advice: New research shows
Meatable sinks its teeth into $35M to accelerate launch of its cultivated pork products
By Christine Hall | |
Venture capital funding to the cultivated meat industry has largely
The Internet Speech Case That the Supreme Court Can’t Dodge
By Jeff Kosseff | |
The Supreme Court receives more than 7,000 requests to review
Meet with Samsung Next and other pivotal partners at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023
By Lauren Simonds | |
TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, which runs September 19–21 in San Francisco,