August 3, 2023
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August 3, 2023
What’s next for China’s digital currency?
By Mike Orcutt | |
Almost three years into the pilot, though, it seems the
Amazon Posts 11% Rise in Revenue as Growth Improves
By David Streitfeld | |
All that cost-cutting at Amazon might be paying off. The
Agence France-Presse takes Elon Musk’s X to court over news content
By Julian Mark | |
Comment on this storyCommentAgence France-Presse, the French news service, said
Generative AI risks loom as businesses increase investments
By Lindsey Wilkinson | |
Dive Brief: Despite known risks associated with generative AI, the
Privacy-focused Brave Search launches its own image and video search
By Sarah Perez | |
Privacy-focused search engine and browser maker Brave is taking another
Tenable CEO calls out Microsoft delay on months-old Azure vulnerability
By David Jones | |
Microsoft is facing renewed scrutiny over its security practices as
The Download: handling extreme heat, and replicating superconductor results
By Charlotte Jee | |
To keep our bodies at their relatively stable core temperature
Poor access management besets most cloud compromises, Google says
By Matt Kapko | |
Listen to the article 2 min This audio is auto-generated.
The Dream of Geothermal Energy Is Alive in Utah
By Will Knight | |
If you haven’t already, go and read the WIRED feature
When A.I. Lies About You, There’s Little Recourse
By Tiffany Hsu | |
Marietje Schaake’s résumé is full of notable roles: Dutch politician
Datasaur lets you build a model automatically from a set of labels
By Ron Miller | |
Long before people were talking about ChatGPT and generative AI,
Here’s how much heat your body can take
By Casey Crownhart | |
Wet-bulb temperature is a weird metric, but basically, it’s an
The Cloud Is a Prison. Can the Local-First Software Movement Set Us Free?
By Gregory Barber | |
He describes Shapiro’s paper as “an awakening.” In CRDTs, Kleppmann
AFP sues Musk’s X for refusing to enter news reuse payment talks
By Natasha Lomas | |
Elon Musk-owned X, formerly Twitter, is facing legal action brought
Norway Took On Meta’s Surveillance Ads and Won | WIRED
By Morgan Meaker | |
When you watch a video on Instagram, the app's algorithms
So What Do We Call Twitter Now Anyway?
By Kate Conger | |
With a simple name change, Elon Musk has created confusion
HackerOne lays off 12% workforce as ‘one-time event’
By Jagmeet Singh | |
HackerOne, a widely known bug bounty and penetration testing platform,
It’s Time to Rethink Digital Ownership
Lauren: I do see what you're saying, and it plays
SettleMint’s AI assistant aims to help web3 developers write better smart contracts
By Rita Liao | |
The way artificial intelligence can write software has already prompted
LK-99 Is Fueling a DIY Superconductivity Race
By Gregory Barber | |
All that Andrew McCalip wanted for his 34th birthday was
Cult of Dead Cow hacktivists design encryption system for mobile apps
By Joseph Menn | |
Comment on this storyCommentSAN FRANCISCO — Once known for distributing
DJI’s new GoPro competitor launches at $399
By Brian Heater | |
The DJI/GoPro relationship has been an uneasy one ever since