AOC will stream on Twitch again this weekend
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AOC will stream on Twitch again this weekend

Three years after her big streaming moment, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will make her return to Twitch.

The lawmaker and cultural icon turned occasional Twitch personality announced on Twitter that she would be streaming again on Saturday, July 22 at 7:30 PM (likely ET) on her channel.

We don’t know what’s in store yet, but Ocasio-Cortez will be joined by Hasan Piker, the leftist news and politics streamer who is one of the platform’s biggest personalities. In a reply, Pokimane also looks interested in making a debut, but we don’t know what game they’ll be playing this time around (if anything).

Ocasio-Cortez’s famous Twitch moment back in 2020 instantly shot to the top of the record books, racking up 435,000 concurrent viewers — putting her in the top five most-watched Twitch streams at the time.

Twitch has grown a lot since 2020, and so have the records. In July of this year, Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos smashed existing records with 3.4 million simultaneous views for La Velada del Año III, a streamer celebrity boxing event. Llanos broke his own record, set in 2022, for the previous year’s event.

AOC’s previous stream wouldn’t impress by today’s Twitch standards, but the 2020 event was an iconic moment for the notoriously internet-inept realm of politics and for Twitch itself, which was well established but not yet the full cultural force it is today. During that stream, the lawmaker played Among Us — a whodunnit breakout multiplayer hit of that era — with star streamers Pokimane, Piker and DrLupo.

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