July 22, 2023
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July 22, 2023
This week in robotics: Chinese startups net a series of fundraising successes
By Alyssa Stringer | |
Before we dive into this week’s biggest news within the
Why These Surfers Want to Restore a Rainforest
By Lenny Antonelli | |
Hometree’s restoration effort, says Ó Foghlú, will be based on
An AI-generated ‘South Park’ episode, Microsoft’s security woes, and Tesla’s first Cybertruck build
By Kyle Wiggers | |
Hey, folks, welcome to Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s regular
China’s Breach of Microsoft Cloud Email May Expose Deeper Problems
Microsoft wrote last week that its “investigations have not detected
Reining in API sprawl | TechCrunch
By Anna Heim | |
Welcome to the TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s
‘Diablo IV’, ‘Star Wars’, and More | WIRED
By Jaina Grey | |
One of the nice things about living in a world
Futureverse is a metaverse company that might actually get it
By Rebecca Szkutak | |
Startups that look to improve an industry’s outdated infrastructure are
This Rare Case of Green Hairy Tongue Is Pure Nightmare Fuel
By Beth Mole, Ars Technica | |
Medical imagery tends to burst with gore and horror, from
A Mystery in the E.R.? Ask Dr. Chatbot for a Diagnosis.
By Gina Kolata | |
The patient was a 39-year-old woman who had come to
Google has an ‘Enhanced Safe Browsing’ feature. Should you use it?
By Shira Ovide | |
Comment on this storyCommentThis article is a preview of The
Tech warriors in the battle for Israel’s democracy
By Carrie Andrews | |
Erel Margalit Contributor Erel Margalit is an Israeli high-tech investor,
The Best Fanny Packs: Recycled, Waterproof, and More
By Scott Gilbertson, Gear Team | |
Here at WIRED, we love fanny packs (or waist belts,
How Do the White House’s A.I. Commitments Stack Up?
By Kevin Roose | |
This week, the White House announced that it had secured
Threads in decline? Don’t count out Instagram’s new Twitter rival yet
By Sarah Perez | |
A Wall Street Journal article on Friday warns that Instagram’s
Coravin Sparkling Review: Now You Can Save Your Bubbles Too
By Christopher Null | |
The eponymous wine preservation system made by Coravin has been
Foreign visitors to China can finally go cashless like locals
By Rita Liao | |
Great news for those traveling to China! You can finally
Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Review: Dependable and Portable
By Simon Hill | |
Jackery has upgraded from lithium-ion (Li-Ion) to lithium iron phosphate
Reseaerchers suspect China Microsoft email hackers had access to other files
By Joseph Menn | |
Comment on this storyCommentThe suspected China-backed hackers who breached U.S.
Bolt, ex-CEO Ryan Breslow subject of SEC probe
By Christine Hall | |
Ryan Breslow, co-founder of the e-commerce software outfit Bolt, was
Almost 50 Years Into the Crypto Wars, Encryption’s Opponents Are Still Wrong
By Steven Levy | |
When I contemplate the return of the crypto wars—attempts to
OpenAI, Google and other companies sign White House pledge over AI risks
By Cat Zakrzewski | |
Comment on this storyCommentDuring President Biden’s 50-year Washington political career,