July 20, 2023
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July 20, 2023
US facial recognition, and battery ingredients
By Rhiannon Williams | |
Just four years ago, the movement to ban police departments
NYPD Body Cam Data Shows the Scale of Violence Against Protesters
By Dhruv Mehrotra, Andrew Couts | |
Beaten, blinded by pepper spray, corralled like animals, and indiscriminately
An A.I. Supercomputer Whirs to Life, Powered by Giant Computer Chips
By Yiwen Lu | |
Inside a cavernous room this week in a one-story building
Google pitches media outlets on AI that can help produce news
Comment on this storyCommentGoogle is in discussions with news publishers
Few Americans think NASA’s top priority should be sending humans to the moon or Mars
By Aria Alamalhodaei | |
The majority of Americans think it is “essential” that the
Introducing MIT Technology Review Roundtables, real-time conversations about what’s next in tech
By The Editors | |
There is little doubt that generative AI will affect the
Don’t Ask Dumb Robots If AI Will Destroy Humanity
By Will Knight | |
Hanson and I talked about the idea of adding real
US government plays catchup on phishing-resistant MFA
By Matt Kapko | |
Federal agencies and cyber authorities are trying to advance a
How to Direct A.I. Chatbots to Make Them More Useful
By Brian X. Chen | |
Anyone seduced by A.I.-powered chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard —
Clear vs. TSA PreCheck: Cost, privacy difference for airport security?
By Tatum Hunter | |
Comment on this storyCommentWith air travel returning to pre-pandemic highs,
YouTube Premium individual plan now costs $2 more in the US
By Ivan Mehta | |
Just like many other streaming services, YouTube has increased the
Face recognition in the US is about to meet one of its biggest tests
By Tate Ryan-Mosley | |
This more subtle approach is reminiscent of the path that
Why Generative AI Won’t Disrupt Books
By Elizabeth Minkel | |
One reason books haven’t been particularly disruptable might be that
Caroline Ellison Writes About Ex-Crypto Mogul Sam Bankman-Fried
Three months before the cryptocurrency market imploded last year, Caroline
Kevin Mitnick, hacker and fugitive turned security consultant, dies at 59
By Kelly Kasulis Cho | |
Kevin Mitnick, a hacker who was the subject of a
Ask Sophie: How realistic are my chances of hiring H-1B candidates at my startup?
By Walter Thompson | |
Sophie Alcorn Contributor Sophie Alcorn is the founder of Alcorn
Almost All Research on the Mind Is in English. That’s a Problem | WIRED
By Sofia Quaglia | |
The world of brain research has a secret flaw. For
Kevin Mitnick, Hacker Who Eluded Authorities, Is Dead at 59
Kevin Mitnick, a hacker who was once one of the
With $37M seed round, Maka Motors begins EV pilot on Indonesia’s streets
By Kate Park | |
A recent report said that Indonesia’s electric vehicle (EV) market is
The Download: America’s AI lawsuits, and Threads restrictions
By Rhiannon Williams | |
This is today’s edition of The Download, our weekday newsletter that provides
Want to Win a Chip War? You’re Gonna Need a Lot of Water
By Rebecca Heilweil | |
The volume required can be huge. In the US, chip